The Values of Football

The values of football set up kids for success on and off the field. The game inspires character, leadership, resilience and teamwork — key life skills that transfer from the huddle to the classroom and beyond.



“I believe football teaches the values of teamwork, resiliency, hard work, commitment and integrity in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the young men who play the game that lasts a lifetime.”

– Randy Allen, 2017 Don Shula NFL High School Coach of the Year.


“What I learned from football enters my life every day. So, when you ask what a CEO does — drives performance, knows how to develop other people, and knows how to set standards. All three of those things I think in some way come back to what I learned when I was playing football.”

– Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric; offensive tackle for Dartmouth College


“Simply put, the character development and life lessons I learned through football informed every facet of my life in a positive way. The game taught me the successful qualities of teamwork, physical and mental toughness, resilience and competitiveness.”

– Jason Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Miami Dolphins


“These [football] environments teach young men about taking coaching, overcoming adversity and communicating with teammates. There is a unique bond that I have with my high school teammates. It’s a bond that never goes away.”

– Peyton Manning, former NFL quarterback

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